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Ideas About Treating Yeast Infections Naturally

Natural Yeast Infection TreatmentIf you are bothered with frequent yeast infections, the problem is likely to lie with your immune system. While over the counter treatment for yeast infection can certainly make you more comfortable and help deal with the symptoms of yeast infection, it is important to deal with the root causes of the problem if you are to get it under any kind of real control. This means building up your immune system so that your body can get into proper balance.

Begin by reducing and/or eliminating simple carbohydrates and refined sugar from your diet. These substances feed yeast and help it multiply. To eliminate these substances from your diet, you need to stop eating processed foods of all kinds. Stop drinking soft drinks and commercial juice blends and “punches” which are mostly chemicals, artificial coloring and sugar. Stop drinking alcoholic beverages.

Instead of processed foods, eat whole foods such as fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, lean protein sources and whole grains.

Make sure your diet consists of half or more fresh produce. The rest of your diet should consist in great part of lean protein sources; however, this should not be entirely meat. Include plenty of beans and lentils for the fiber value. This will help promote good bowel function which keeps yeast from breeding in your intestines.

Keep whole grain consumption to a minimum. Approximately a quarter of your diet can consist of whole grains. The starch in cereals can tend to cause yeast overgrowth if you overdo it.

Always choose to drink pure, filtered water and drink plenty of it. Get an inexpensive water filtration pitcher to filter your tap water so that you will always have an ample supply of fresh, clean water. Add variety to your beverages by drinking herbal teas that have good anti-yeast properties. Among these are peppermint, Pau d’Arco, spearmint and lemongrass.

When you improve your diet for immune system health, you will begin to see a change in your overall health within a couple of weeks. As time passes, you will just get healthier and healthier. It may take many months, but eventually you will see a dramatic reduction or even elimination of yeast related symptoms.

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