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Best Yeast Infection Home Remedies

Yeast Infection Home RemediesYeast is a very commonly occurring fungus that is present in the soil around our homes, on our pets, in our carpets, we use it to make bread, it’s on our skin, and in our intestines. Most of the time when we have yeast infections it’s actually an overgrowth of the yeast that is normally occurring in that location, but for some reason it has blossomed and taken over the area causing a problem. There are a lot of different reasons why yeast goes into the blossoming stage, many times it’s from the use of antibiotics which kills the friendly bacteria on our skin that then allows the yeast to overgrow. Other times it has to do with a diet that is high in sugar or starches that overfeed the yeast causing it to overgrow. Let’s take a look at some of the most common yeast infection home remedies that you can use to cure many of these infections.

When yeast over grows in the foot area is normally called athletes foot, caused by too much moisture for too long of a period of time, then the yeast takes over. There are a lot of different yeast infection home remedies of the feet, but the best tends to be scrubbing your feet with lemon juice, then leave the lemon juice on your feet and put on a pair socks for about two hours. At the end of the two hours take a fresh towel and thoroughly dry your feet, especially between the toes, making sure that any loose or dead skin is removed. Now take some medicated talcum powder containing zinc oxide and powder your feet thoroughly including between the toes. Put on some fresh all cotton socks and wear them overnight. Do this daily until you no longer have any problems with smell or infection on your feet. You should use medicated talcum powder daily as a preventative.

Many forms of jock itch are also cause by several different kinds of yeast. It presents itself usually as a red itchy patch, with a distinctive yeast smell. Sometimes this yeast has been transferred from other parts of your body, while other times it is contracted through sexual intercourse. It is exacerbated in this area because it’s moist and warm 24 hours a day. One of the best treatments is found in the kitchen in the form of vinegar. Soak some vinegar onto a wash rag and scrub the area well, allow it to set for 20 minutes. Then, take the same talcum powder with zinc oxide and powder the area profusely daily to prevent the return.

For a vaginal yeast infection apple cider vinegar is once again one of the best natural cures. You will want to dilute apple cider vinegar in water approximately a quarter cup to a quart of water and use it as a douche. You can also take a bath using apple cider vinegar at a rate of two full cups in your bathtub and soak for approximately 30 minutes.

There are many different forms of yeast infections on the skin and inside our bodies as well. The best yeast infection home remedies usually contain either apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or tea tree oil. And, as far as preventing the recurrence of most yeast infections externally talcum powder containing think oxide works quite well.

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