What Is Good For A Yeast Infection

What Is Good For A Yeast Infection?

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If you have swelling in your vagina, and itching that is probably the worst that you have ever felt in your life, it is more than likely the result of Candida which has developed in your vagina, something commonly referred to as a yeast infection. Although a very small portion of men can also have the same problem with their penis, it is typically women that have this difficulty. It’s very easy to treat, using natural and pharmaceutical remedies, a few of which we will mention in this article.

Causes Of Candida/Yeast Infection

If you have developed Candida, you will definitely know that you have it because of the burning sensation that you will feel. You could develop a rash, soreness, and also a great amount of pain during sex, as well as a thick grayish discharge from your vagina. The typical causes of this condition include pregnancy, consuming too many sugary products, a lack of sleep and stress. During your menstrual cycle, a hormone imbalance could also lead to the problem, and taking certain antibiotics can also cause it to happen. Now let’s look at how you can treat yeast infections effectively.

Treatments For Yeast Infection

Natural treatments for yeast infections include vinegar douching which can cause the itching and infection to go away. Some people will use tea tree oil cream which can be as effective, along with boric acid and garlic. Pharmaceutical remedies include Gynazle and Diflucan, and also Monistat which you can also purchased over-the-counter. These are very simple things that you can use to make your yeast infection go away. By making sure that you reduce stress in your life, eat lots of yogurt, and reduce sugary intake throughout the day, you can enhance your chances of not developing yeast infections in the future.

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