What Is A Yeast Infection Like?

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What Is A Yeast Infection Actually Like?

What Is A Yeast Infection LikeYou have probably heard of women, and sometimes men, getting what is called a yeast infection. It is a common condition that typically occurs in the vagina of females, a condition known as candidiasis. It is actually caused by a specific type of fungus which is called Candida, and it can cause intense amounts of discomfort. The most common effect is that there is incredible itching, and as an aftereffect, irritation caused by swelling. This article will describe what it feels like to have a yeast infection, and also a couple remedies for eliminating this problem.

How Does A Yeast Infection Feel?

As mentioned before, the most common side effect of having this vaginal infection is an incredible amount of itching. It’s not itching in the sense that you have a scratch, but a perpetual overwhelming sensation that you must scratch, causing many people to be in a state of discomfort for many days. It is almost painful, and when you have it, you will never forget what it feels like. There are many cures for yeast infections that are out there, some of which are pharmaceutical, and others that are natural. In order to reduce the itching and swelling that comes with Candida, here is what you should use.

Cures For Yeast Infections

When you have a yeast infection, your doctor will provide you with an antifungal cream that will immediately cause the itching to stop. The swelling will remain until the Candida has been eliminated, something that usually takes about three days. There are ointments, oral tablets that you can take, and also suppositories that can be used. The most common pharmaceuticals include Monistat and Lotrimin, medications that can be obtained over-the-counter, and in stronger doses, from your physician. You can also use tea tree oil, vinegar, and even yogurt to cure the condition. Once you have this condition, you will definitely want to get treated for it right away.

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