Symptoms Of Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

Symptoms Of Yeast Infection With Pregnant Women

Symptoms Of Yeast Infection During PregnancyWhen a woman is with child, there are many complications that may arise, primarily due to hormonal imbalances and changes that are going on within her body. A common problem that many women will experience if they are pregnant is the development of a vaginal yeast infection. There are many reasons that yeast infections can appear with pregnant women. Here are a few of the symptoms to look out for, and treatment options that can be used to effectively treat this fungal infection.

Symptoms Of Yeast Infection With Pregnant Women

Some of the symptoms of yeast infection that are common with women that are pregnant that have a yeast infection include an itching sensation in their vagina, along with burning, that simply will not go away. You may also have vaginal discharge from time to time which will include a gray or white material that is either thick or very watery. You will also have a general soreness, and the potential of developing a rash on your vagina, which can cause an extreme amount of discomfort. Here are some treatment options that you can use that are safe for your baby, that will help yeast infection dissipate.

Treatment Options For Pregnant Women That Have A Yeast Infection

If you have a yeast infection, treatment options are typically limited to topical treatments only. Although the medication Diflucan is very effective, your doctor will more than likely not have you take this oral medication because you are with child. You will probably receive a prescription for Lotrimin, Terazol or Monistat. These are also available at lower strengths at your local pharmacy that you can purchase without a prescription. These will help the itching go away, and also effectively treat the Candida, causing your yeast infection to go away within days.

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