Male Yeast Infection Symptoms

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Most Common Male Yeast Infection Symptoms

Male Yeast Infection SymptomsAlthough it is uncommon for a man to actually develop a yeast infection, it is certainly a possibility. Men that have had this condition have often complained about having one of the worst burning and itching sensations they have ever had, something that typically occurs on their penis. When this happens, you will have to get medical treatment right away, although you can go to your local pharmacy to get creams that can help with the condition. Here are some of the most common symptoms that men will have with yeast infections and remedies that can treat the condition.

Common Symptoms Associated With Male Yeast Infections

When men have a yeast infection, some of the symptoms that they will have are similar to what women experience when they have a Candida outbreak. The symptoms include a significant amount of itching and burning on the tip of their penis, difficulty urinating, and pain during sexual intercourse. The itching is so bad that it will prompt both men and women to find a treatment for the itching right away. The treatment options that are available may come from your doctor, but are also obtainable at your local pharmacy.

Treatment Options For Male Yeast Infections

A man can get a prescription for Diflucan from their doctor in order to treat their yeast infection. This is a pill that is taken orally that can help eliminate the fungal infection within days. They will also prescribe Lotrimin or Monistat, or simply refer you to your local drugstore where you can get these topical creams. By applying this to the tip of the penis, it will address the itching caused by the infection, making it go away. Although some people will use vinegar, tea tree oil, even yogurt to deal with the problem, it’s always best to use these pharmaceutically based treatment options because you can get almost immediate results.

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