Yeast Infection Symptoms In Men

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Yeast Infection Symptoms In Men, More Common Than You Think

Yeast Infection Symptoms In MenThe yeast that is present on all of our skin is called Candida Albicans, it is quite common throughout the world, even on other mammals and in the soil. For the most part this yeast is quite harmless, it is kept in check by other microbes such as bacteria and they all live throughout our intestines, mouths, noses, and skin. However, due to such things as antibiotics, the food we eat, and other diseases, yeast can overgrow and become a disease on its own. It can have many different names depending on where it’s growing and how overgrown it is at the time. Let’s take a look at some of the different yeast infections, their symptoms, and the different names they have.

The yeast infection of the groin in men is typically called jock itch. It presents itself as a highly itchy, red skinned area in your groin that smells of yeast. Many times this is caused after being infected by a woman who has a yeast infection herself, so, if you’re going to treat this, the person that you’re intimate with will need to be treated, in order to not be reinfected again. Home remedies for this can be found in the kitchen in the form of lemon juice, or vinegar, which can be used to scrub the area before patting it down with baby’s medicated diaper rash powder.

Another common yeast infection is that of the urethra. The symptoms here will be a burning sensation as you’re trying to urinate or during sex. This is typically passed between men and women during sex, so again, it would be appropriate for both of you to be treated at the same time. There are over-the-counter yeast infection medications that you each can take, and additionally topical ointments as well. If the regular medications at the pharmacy aren’t doing the job, consult with a medical professional for a prescription.

Yeast infections in men are not uncommon, but by avoiding a diet high in sugar, keeping your body clean and dry, plus your intimate partner doing the same, you can go a long ways towards avoiding yeast infections. Yeast is a common microbe that causes everything from dandruff to athletes foot when given a chance to thrive.

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