Signs Of Yeast Infection In Men

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Obvious Signs Of Yeast Infection In Men

Signs Of Yeast Infection In MenCandidiasis is a common infection that happens with many women, specifically in the vaginal area. It is the result of a fungal infection that allows a particular strain of yeast to grow out of control, which can cause swelling and painful itching. Despite the fact that over 90% of the cases happened with women, it can also happen with men. Here are the signs and symptoms to look for if you believe that you have a yeast infection, and also the treatment options that are available to you.

How Men Get Yeast Infections

Men can get yeast infections just like women by having certain factors in their life. These factors include taking antibiotics for a particular illness that you have which can cause the Candida to get out of control. If you have diabetes, this can also lead to the problem, as well as consuming too much sugar. If you have very poor eating habits, you are stressed every day, and you are not sleeping enough, these are all factors that can contribute to the development of this condition.

Symptoms Of Yeast Infections In Men

Common symptoms include uncontrollable itching and pain in your penis, as well as swelling and pain during sex. There may also be a burning sensation, and a pervading soreness, along with an obvious rash. Once you have all of these conditions, it is conclusive that a yeast infection is present. You can cure your yeast infection by using natural remedies such as tea tree oil, or vinegar, or you can go to your doctor to get prescription strength Monistat cream that will help eliminate the itching and cure the yeast infection in days.

Although it is unlikely that most men will ever develop a yeast infection, it is something that does occur from time to time. By taking note of the possible symptoms that you may be experiencing, and using the recommended natural and pharmaceutical treatments, you can easily make this infection go away.

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