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The Many Symptoms Of Yeast Infection In Men

Yeast Infection In MenAlthough men rarely sit around the kitchen table and talk about yeast infections, they do happen in men and there are quite a few symptoms that you need to be aware of. Since women do get about two thirds of all yeast infections, most of the information online, and in the doctor’s office will be focused on them. However, it is almost as easy for males to contract a yeast infection of the penis or on other parts of the male genitals. Many times men will have a yeast infection with few or no symptoms at all, or slight symptoms that can be easily ignored, so let’s go over some of those symptoms right now.

First, to be clear, many of the symptoms of a yeast infection in men are similar to other STDs such as syphilis, herpes or gonorrhea. There are differences however, and there are tests available which are quite definitive to eliminate any doubt whatsoever. One of the first signs of yeast infection in men will be when the head of the penis becomes inflamed, and may exhibit a red color. At this point in time it may be slightly painful to urinate, but not as painful as other STDs, more similar to a urinary tract infection instead.

Another yeast infection symptom is jock itch, which can be caused by the exact same yeast, just showing up in a different area. And technically, jock itch doesn’t need to be confined to just the groin, anyplace the skin is moist, dark, and subject to infection. Another place with similar problems can be the feet, where the same yeast can infect between the toes and other moist areas on the bottoms of the feet, and even sometimes the toenails can become infected as well. A toenail that is infected will usually turn a yellowish color and have the appearance that it needs to be scraped clean. At this point in time it would be advisable to use some strong lemon juice or vinegar to scrub the feet, then once dry, use a medicated foot powder in your socks for several weeks.

A yeast infection in men is many times an indication of type II diabetes, and this is because men with diabetes tend to have more sugar in their urine, saliva and throughout the body because it is not being utilized effectively in their cells. Sugar is one of the main foods that yeast need to consume in order to survive. If anyone is suffering from a wide variety of yeast infections of the scalp, groin, feet, and even intestines, it could be an indication that a test for type II diabetes is in order. One of the easiest ways to tell if you have a use infection will be by the smell, as it’s very similar to the smell of the yeast used to make bread dough rise.

As you can see, I yeast infection in men is not a rare occurrence, and making sure that you know the symptoms, and many locations for infections is important. If the usual treatments of lemon juice, vinegar, medicated powders, and over-the-counter medications are not working, it’s important to see a medical professional to have some tests done to see if there’s another root cause of the problem.

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