Male Yeast Infection Causes

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Overview Of Male Yeast Infection Causes And Treatments

Male Yeast Infection CausesMost people know that women can get yeast infections, a common fungal infection that may originate from many different reasons. When women have a yeast infection, it is typically caused by pregnancy, antibiotics that they are taking which lowers lactobacillus in their vagina, or douching too often. They may also have hormonal imbalances, which typically happen when their menstrual cycle occurs. However, men do not have most of the aforementioned problems, and therefore it must be caused by something else. If you are a man, here’s what you need to know about preventing and resolving a yeast infection that you may have.

How Do Men Get Yeast Infections?

When a man has a yeast infection, just like a woman, it will be an unbearable and painful itching. When this occurs, it’s important to get a treatment right away to eliminate the almost unbearable itching. These typically occur with a man who has had a significant amount of stress in his life, and may also be a diabetic. Sugar that is not processed as a result of problems with your insulin levels can lead to this problem. Likewise, consuming too much sugar can lead to developing this fungal infection. Just like a woman, if they are on certain antibiotics that lower good bacteria, this infection can occur.

Treatments For Male Yeast Infection

The treatments for yeast infections that women use can also successfully eliminate yeast infections with men. This includes using Monistat on your penis to eliminate the itching and taking Diflucan orally to completely eliminate the problem. By making sure that you stay away from high concentrations of sugar, and reducing stress in your life, you will be able to avoid additional yeast infections, a condition that you will never want to have again.

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