Causes Of Yeast Infection In Women

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Causes Of Yeast Infections In Women

Causes Of Yeast Infection In WomenA very uncomfortable condition that may develop in a woman’s vagina, and also on a man’s penis, is called a yeast infection. Although it is very rare for a man to have this problem, it is very common with women today. Yeast infection can be caused by a variety of factors, and there are several different treatment options to consider. The best thing about yeast infections is that there are definite cures, and creams to make the itching go away. Here are the top reasons it’s infections start, and how you can cure yours using these oral and topical medications.

Top Causes For Yeast Infection

There are many reasons that a yeast infection can begin. Pregnant women typically are top candidates for this type of infection. Those that have diabetes may also have them from time to time, and those that eat substantial amounts of sugar may also get them regularly. In most cases, hormonal imbalances that are caused by virtue of going through your menstrual cycle can cause them to show up. If you have stress in your life, or a weak immune system, this can also cause this infection to occur.

Treatments For Yeast Infections That Work

Yeast infections can be cured using a number of different treatments, with Diflucan being the most prescribed. For topical treatments, Monistat can be prescribed by your doctor, or you can simply get the one that is over-the-counter. You can also use natural treatments like vinegar or tea tree oil which can fight fungal infections very easily. By using a combination of the oral treatment, with the topical creams, you will get the most relief.

Now that you know what will cause yeast infection to occur, and how to get rid of them, you are properly prepared to prevent them as well. Use these tips to avoid getting yeast infections, a very uncomfortable fungal infection you’ll never want to have again.

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