What is a Yeast Infection Caused From?

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What and How Is A Yeast Infection Caused/Causes?

What is a Yeast Infection CausedIf you have a significant amount of swelling in your vagina, along with intense itching that will not go away, you more than likely have contracted Candida, a fungus that has caused your yeast infection. There are many ways that you can develop a yeast infection, and treatment options that can make it go away in just days. Let’s address how yeast infections actually form, and also proven treatments, both pharmaceutical and natural treatments, that can eliminate this problem right away.

How Are Yeast Infection Causes/Caused?

The main reason that yeast infections start is because of microorganisms in the vagina that are out of balance. Infections are caused by Candida, a specific type of yeast, that can be caused by a weakness in your immune system, diabetes, pregnancy, and the use of certain antibiotics. It may also be caused by consuming too many sugary foods, or if you have a hormone imbalance. Finally, if you have a significant amount of stress in your life, and you are not sleeping enough, these are all prime factors for the causation of Candida in your vagina.

Curing Yeast Infection

The easiest way to stop the intense itching and swelling that comes with a yeast infection is to use pharmaceutical and natural remedies that are proven to work. If you go to your doctor, they will more than likely give you a single dose medication called Diflucan that can cure the problem in just 48 hours, or they may give you something called Terazol which can provide the same relief in just three days. If you would prefer a natural remedy, you can get apple cider vinegar and douche with this, which will eliminate the infection. You can also use yogurt, garlic, or even boric acid, common vaginal suppositories that you can purchase of the store. Once you have used any of these treatments, especially topical creams, the itching will immediately subside and in a few days your yeast infection will be cured.

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